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New to CAPT Connect?

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  • Who are we?
    SAMHSA's Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT) is a national substance abuse prevention training and technical assistance system dedicated to strengthening prevention systems and the nation's behavioral health workforce. Learn more about the CAPT.
  • What is CAPT Connect?
    CAPT Connect is your single access portal to all CAPT virtual events (webinars, peer-sharing calls, virtual roundtables, and other web-based events). By creating an account just once, you can register for upcoming CAPT events with the click of a button.
  • How does it work?
    Create a new CAPT Connect account and complete your user profile. When you receive an invitation from the CAPT for an upcoming webinar, click the "Register" button to submit your user profile information and confirm your registration. Note that the information you provide will only be used for evaluation purposes and will not be personally identifiable. On the day of the event, the same event link will also allow you to join the event directly. Or, you can simply join by logging into your account and finding the event listing in your dashboard.

The CAPT contract will be ending on October 30, 2018. After that time, EDC can no longer guarantee access to the resources available through this site, including all certificates of attendance, event materials and recordings, and materials connected with the Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST). If you would like to retain access to these materials, please download them before October 30. Please don't hesitate to contact captconnect@edc.org with any questions.